Tatiana Dobos: Dobos Ceramics


“Originally from Moldova and now based in Galway, ceramicist Tatiana Dobos likes to dramatize human emotions in her terracotta and stoneware pieces, which emphasise the interaction of sentiments, shapes and colours.” The Irish Times


The path that brought Tatiana to ceramics was certainly not a straightforward one. After an initial attempt at a career involving numbers and strict rules, Tatiana felt something was in misalignment with how she wished to live her life and took the risk to look for more. “The need of expressing my sensitivity as a way of embracing it ignited an inner and outer search. After trying different creative mediums, I arrived at the discovery of clay as a discovery of Self. The malleability of this material and its reserve of tactile creativity have enriched me since.” Echoes of her childhood favourite pastimes – playing with natural elements, making connections

between different objects and placing them together in expressive arrangements – are present in Tatiana’s creative work today. Always observant of the organic textures and forms, she looks to create objects in complete harmony with the natural environment, where recurring clay elements represent the process of examining emotion.

In her works, Tatiana seeks to materialise the mechanisms of the human inner battles, and, at the same time, to explore the anatomy of the aftermath. “There is a correlation between sentiments, shapes and colours” she reflects. “I believe that balance and fulfilment bring to life circular and smooth shapes, while negativeness translates into sharp structures.”

Tatiana’s work is permeated by a mindful, meditative state, and each piece is crafted individually using some of the most common types of clay like stoneware and porcelain and a traditional hand-building technique to express her sensibility to simplicity and permanence.

When working with individuals, Tatiana seeks to make deeper connections and understand the needs of her clients in a quest to imprint pieces of their inner landscape onto the final piece of art that will be soon entering their homes.

After visiting Ireland briefly in 2009 Tatiana fell in love with the people and landscape of Galway, which has now become her forever home and continuous source of inspiration.

In recent years, Tatiana has contributed with her creations to a number of projects and exhibitions (see below), leads private ceramic classes and workshops and sells her work on commissions and online.

Projects and exhibitions:

● International Art Symposium – HUMAN 2021 & 2009
● Creative Hearts Project – TG4 and Creative Ireland 2020
● Creative Engagement project at Colaiste na Coiribe – 2020
● Clay Journeys Project with KETNS, part of Small Towns Big Ideas – Galway 2020
● Clay Galway Inaugural Exhibition – 2019