Scallops with mussels, leeks and buttermilk

  1. Scallops with mussels, leeks and buttermilk


·       8 scallops, cleaned and roe removed

·       Rapeseed oil

·       50g butter

·       Sea salt

  • For the leeks
  • ·       ·       2 leeks
  • For the mussels

·       500g mussels

·       1 onion

·       1 garlic clove

·       A few sprigs of thyme

·       200ml dry cider

  • For the buttermilk foam

·       50ml cream

·       100ml buttermilk

·       350ml mussel stock

·       4 gelatine leaves

·       Sea salt

To garnish

   ·       Three-cornered leek flowers


In a pot, place the cider, onion, garlic and cider. Bring to the boil.

Add the mussels until they open. Strain and pick the mussels from their shell and reserve the liquid.

To make the buttermilk foam:  Bring the stock and cream to the boil. Bloom the gelatine and dissolve into the mix. Add the buttermilk, season and pour into a siphon gun and charge twice. Keep warm.

Grill the leek on a dry pan until charred and cut into smaller pieces

Pan fry the scallops in hot oil until the one side is brown and crispy. Turnover in the pan and add some butter. Reduce heat and baste the scallops until they are cooked.

To serve: place the grilled leak on the bottom of the plate. Warm the mussels and dress around the leek. Place the scallop on either side of the leek. Finish with the buttermilk foam.


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