Oysters with trout roe and sea lettuce

Oysters with trout roe and sea lettuce



·       4 oysters

·       A few pieces of fresh sea lettuce, cut into bite sized pieces

·       1 tbsp trout roe

·       A little extra virgin rapeseed oil

·       Seaweed vinegar

·       Sea salt


1.     Shuck the oysters and remove from their shell. Rinse the oyster and shell.

2.     Place the oyster back into the shell and arrange some pieces of sea lettuce and trout roe on each oyster.

3.     To finish, season the oyster with a little sea salt and dress with a little oil and vinegar.


·       Any vinegar or form of acidity (lemon or lime) can be used in place of seaweed vinegar.

Tartare Restaurant, Galway. Owned by Jp McMahon and Drigin Gaffey. Photos by Anita Murphy