Mussels and Dillisk

Mussels and dillisk


·       500kg mussels

·       150ml cider

·       1 onion, quartered

·       1 garlic clove, minced

·       10g dried dillisk, to garnish

·       Extra virgin rapeseed oil

·       Seaweed vinegar

·       Sea salt


1.     Place the cider, onion and garlic in a pot and bring to the boil.

2.     Add the mussels and cover. Steam for 1-2 minutes until they open.

3.     Transfer into a colander and reserve the liquid.

4.     Shell the mussels and remove any beards.

5.     Dress the mussels with a little of the reserve stock, oil, salt and a little vinegar.

6.     Rehydrate the dillisk in cold water and dress with the oil, salt and vinegar.

7.     Place the mussels in a bowl and garnish with the dillisk.